Hole 1

Men 336m Par 4 Stroke 9 Ladies 335m Par 4 Stroke 3 A Straight foward Par 4 but beware the gully in front of the green. Trees all the way down the right guard the OOB's. It's narrow on the left and the rough can be brutal. Over the back is not the place to be.

Hole 2

Men 130m Par 3 Stroke 15 Ladies 115m Par 3 Stroke 15 A tougher Par 3 than it looks with a sloping green and bunkers left and right. Short is better than long. However, in the winter the gully in front can be filled with water and is a danger.

Hole 3

Men 410m Par 4 Stroke 1 Ladies 376m Par 5 Stroke 11. The longest par 4 on the course and ranked accordingly. A good drive is important but the correct angle of approach for the 2nd shot vital. A difficult sloping back to front narrow green. Too long and over the back is trouble.

Hole 4​​​​​​​

Men 441m Par5 Stroke 11

Ladies 311m Par 4 Stroke 9

A big dogleg right with OOB's all the way to the corner makes this a tricky tee shot. Left is safe but adds distance to the green.

Hole 5​​​​​​​

Men 379m Par 4 Stroke 3

Ladies 379m Par 5 Stroke 13

A slight dogleg right at the markers with trees left and right explains the stroke rating.

Hole 6​​​​​​​

Men 142m Par 3 Stroke 17

Ladies 142m Par 3 Stroke 17

A straightforward par 3 but stay away from the big trees guarding the front of the green left and right. A narrow green with anything offline falling away to the sides.

Hole 7

Men 310m Par 4 Stroke 13

Ladies 310m Par 4 Stroke 5

The long hitters can get close but look out for the tree 100m out that guards the right hand side.

There are trees on the left and a large Redwood tree that attracts balls and trouble. A gully in front of a sloping green but there is trouble over the back, this hole can bite back.

Hole 8

Men 346m Par 4 Stroke 7

Ladies 308m Par 4 Stroke 7

A seemingly easy par 4 that catches people out. Trees all down the left and a fairway that slopes right towards the OOB's fence.

Add in the large gully in the middle of the fairway and there's plenty of potential for a big score.

Hole 9

Men 327 Par 4 Stroke 5

Ladies 327 Par 4 Stroke 1

The toughest hole for ladies has a slight dogleg right. OOB's protects the right but if you go too far left you find the trees. A large pine tree is well placed by the right markers with the big hitters aiming over bringing in risk and reward. The green has plenty of curves and slopes.

Hole 10

Men 380m Par 4 Stroke 4

Ladies 371m Par 5 Stroke 12

Straightforward hole with a big fairway. However, the trees on the right to protect the OOB's and seem to attract errand shots.

Hole 11

Men 104m Par 3 Stroke 18

Ladies 104m Par 3 Stroke 18

Short hole but the sloping green demands plenty of respect.

Hole 12

Men 470m Par 5 Stroke 12

Ladies 377m Par 5 Stroke 14

Along and difficult par swhere the emphasis is on the angled approach to a narrow green.

Hole 13

Men 380m Par 4 Stroke 2

Ladies 378 Par 5 Stroke 10

A dogleg right that looks inviting off the tee. However looks can be deceiving hence the stroke rating.

Hole 14

Men 440m Par 5 Stroke 16

Ladies 311m Par 4 Stroke 4

Straightforward tee shot with a slight dogleg right at the markers

Look out for the big trees on the right 100m out.

Hole 15

Men 170m Par 3 Stroke 8

Ladies 1 42m Par 3 Stroke 16

The longest par 3 on the course requires an accurate tee shot. A narrow green that slopes off both sides.

Hole 16

Men 300m Par 4 Stroke 14

Ladies 299m Par 4 Stroke 8

The big hitters can get on/close to this green. However the Redwood tree on the left and the tree 100m out on the right can get in the way.

Combined with the gully in front, the sloping green and trouble over the back, this hole can bite back.

Hole 17​​​​​​​

Men 355m Par 4 Stroke 6

Ladies 308m Par 4 Stroke 6

A narrow fairway that slopes to the OOB's on the right. A gully that cuts across the fairway and a green that also slopes to the right.

Hole 18

Men 302m Par 4 Stroke 10

Ladies 278m Par 4 Stroke 2

A deceptive short par 4 that doglegs right at the markers. OOB

Is on the right and plenty of trees on the left. One of the bigger greens on the course but with plenty of slopes and curves.

Bunkers in front left and right.